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This Is How Legends Are Made!!

Artur Safaryan

“A champion is simply someone who did not give up when they could have.”

About me

My Dream To Be A Football Player

Artur Professional Viral Football Player

During my childhood, when I was five to six years old, I started to play football with my brother. It was a hard challenge for me to kick a ball having a short legs and small feet. However, I kept playing football even though I did not know the rules for it. Therefor, I went to a football club where I started to learn the rules how to play and kick the ball straight to the goal. Going to this process of learning the rules and kicking the ball right, football began to be my number one sport and hobby. Later on, when I turned twelve years old, my dream was to be a famous football player like david beckham or ronaldinho and etc. Although, my dream to be a football players has been changed many times. As a teenager, children ‘s future dreams changes in many different categories, because at this kind of age we really don’t know what makes us happy and what we really like to do.

What I do

Artur have good physical shape and able to perform at a high level over the course of a match. Also able to perform under pressure, make quick decisions, and adjust their tactics to take advantage of the flow of the game.

Ball Control

Artur have ability to manipulate and move the ball effectively with their feet, creating space, changing direction, maintaining possession of the ball, and move the ball with precision.


Artur can dribble effectively can create space, beat opponents and advance the ball up the field. Improving dribbling skills can increase a player's creativity and confidence on the ball.

Team Work

Artur can developing strong teamwork skills can also lead to increased trust, respect, and understanding among teammates, which can help to build a positive and successful team culture.

G G Goalkeepers Academy®️

Former Professional Goalkeeper


Technical Ability
Speed And Agility
Shooting Accuracy
Game Intelligence

My Experience


ACME Company


G G Goalkeepers Academy

Artur learn about team tactics and strategies, such as formations and playing styles, as well as individual responsibilities and roles within the team, and receive coaching on specific techniques such as dribbling, passing, shooting, and ball control.


Viral Story

how artur viral on instagram

When viewers watching a video of Artur on Insta they look for technical skills, such as dribbling, passing, shooting, and ball control. A skilled footballer will be able to perform these techniques with speed, precision, and creativity.

The precision and power of Artur's football skills.

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